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Liberty Local Schools

No Child Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind Act is the Reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). It was enacted January 8, 2002. The major focus of the act is to provide all children with fair, equal and significant opportunities for education. It is intended to expand choices for parents, focus resources on proven educational methods, and provide accountability for results.

NCLB Federal Dept. of Ed. Site

NCLB Ohio Dept. of Ed. Site

NCLB Trumbull County Educational Service Center

Qualified Teacher Notice

Liberty Schools have always been dedicated to employing the most qualified professionals to teach your children. We work hard to bring qualified, fully‑licensed teachers into all our classrooms.
Because our school receives federal funds (or the classroom in which your child is enrolled receives federal funds), the new No Child Left Behind Act requires our school district to ensure that you, as a parent, are aware that you can request information about the qualifications of your child's teacher.
As a parent, you have the right to request information about the professional qualifications of your child's teacher and any teacher's aides working with your child. Specifically, you may request information regarding the following items: the teacher's certification/license qualifications; the status of the certificate/license; and the subject areas of the teacher's college degree and graduate school credit. If your child's teacher is assisted by an instructional aide, you may also ask about the aide's qualifications.
If you would like additional information about the qualifications of your child's teacher and/or aide, please contact the building principal. We will provide you with the requested information in a timely manner.
Liberty is proud of our staff. Our teachers are committed to their profession and the children they serve each day. They look forward to having a successful year with your child.