3-D printer

The Liberty Local School District recently partnered with the STEM-based company Boxlight enhancing the technology in the STEM and Engineering departments. Boxlight came to the district Tuesday and demonstrated the two new 3-D printers, an interactive Boxlight monitor, Boxlight Labdiscs, and digital lesson plan software. The 5th-8th grade STEM, high school engineering, and robotics classes will utilize this new technology.

“Creating hands-on learning experiences is so important for inspiring students with all the possibilities of what they could do. When we go to schools and give these training, we empower teachers to successfully utilize their new tools so that they can make the biggest impact in their classrooms,” Hannah Olson, MimioSTEM Product Manager.

“It allows me to bring new technology to the classroom and provide students inquiry based learning, so they get to lead themselves through discovery. They get to work on real-world issues and find ways to adapt to solve scientific problems,” Cameron Hefner, 5-8 STEM teacher.


3-D Printer

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